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Elo Life Systems Announces a Collaboration With Ashland Subsidiary Avoca to Scale a Sustainable, Key Input for Fragrances

February 25, 2019 at 12:00 AM EST

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – February 25, 2019 – Elo Life Systems Inc. announced today a collaboration with Avoca LLC, a subsidiary of the specialty chemicals company Ashland, that is focused on improving the production of Clary Sage plants and a related compound called Sclareol.

Sclareol is a key component used by the fragrance industry to manufacture a sustainable substitute for a waxy substance secreted by a small percentage of sperm whales called ambergris. Avoca is one of the world’s primary manufacturers and suppliers of Sclareol extracted from Clary Sage.

“Elo’s business model is designed to enable the seamless integration of our innovative agricultural technologies with Avoca’s ability to rapidly translate them into a product,” said Elo Life Systems CEO Fayaz Khazi, PhD. “With such collaborative approaches, our technologies are positioned to deliver improved and sustainable products to the customer through our partners.”

“Avoca is pleased to utilize Elo’s technology to improve the production of Sclareol in Clary Sage plants,” said Avoca LLC President David Peele, PhD. “The future of our industry depends on utilizing new technologies to increase yields and improve operating efficiencies. This collaboration further strengthens Ashland’s bounty of sustainability solutions.”

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