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Precision BioSciences Announces Dosing of First Patient in Off-The-Shelf CAR T Cell Therapy Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial

April 17, 2019 at 5:30 AM EDT
First NHL patient treated with allogeneic CAR T in U.S.-based trial

DURHAM, N.C., April 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Precision BioSciences (Nasdaq: DTIL) (“Precision”), a genome editing company dedicated to improving life (DTIL) through its proprietary ARCUS® genome editing platform, announced today it has dosed the first patient in the Phase 1/2a clinical trial of PBCAR0191, its first gene-edited allogeneic anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell product candidate. Precision is developing PBCAR0191 in collaboration with Servier, an international pharmaceutical company. PBCAR0191 is made from donor-derived T cells that are modified using Precision’s ARCUS genome editing technology. These edits are designed to generate CAR T cells that specifically recognize CD19, an important target in several B-cell cancers, and to prevent graft-versus-host disease, a significant complication associated with existing donor-derived cell-based therapies. This CAR T cell product candidate is being evaluated in adult patients with relapsed or refractory (“R/R”) non-Hodgkin lymphoma (“NHL”) or R/R B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) as an off-the-shelf cell therapy. The first patient dosed in this trial is being treated for R/R NHL, and Precision believes this is the first U.S.-based clinical trial to evaluate an allogeneic CAR T therapy for NHL.

This multi-center, open label study of PBCAR0191 is expected to enroll up to 80 patients and several dose levels of PBCAR0191 will be investigated. Clinical sites include City of Hope, Moffit Cancer Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and MD Anderson Cancer Center. The primary objective of the trial is to evaluate the safety of PBCAR0191 and determine the maximum tolerated dose. Secondary objectives include evaluating the anti-tumor activity of PBCAR0191. Precision will also evaluate the expansion, trafficking and persistence of PBCAR0191 in treated patients. Lymphodepletion will be conducted several days prior to PBCAR0191 infusion. Patient outcomes will be collected for up to one year.

About Precision BioSciences

Precision BioSciences is dedicated to improving life (DTIL) through its proprietary genome editing platform, “ARCUS.” Precision leverages ARCUS in the development of its product candidates, which are designed to treat human diseases and create healthy and sustainable food and agriculture solutions. Precision is actively developing product candidates in three innovative areas: allogeneic CAR T immunotherapy, in vivo gene correction, and food. For more information regarding Precision, please visit

About the Collaboration with Servier

Under their February 2016 partnership with Baxalta, now with Servier, Precision is solely responsible for early-stage research activities and Phase 1 execution for PBCAR0191, as well as preparation of clinical supply for any Phase 2 clinical trials. Servier has the exclusive right to opt in for late-stage development and commercialization, and Precision has the right to participate in the development and commercialization of any licensed products resulting from the collaboration through a 50/50 co-development and co-promotion option in the United States.

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